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Opening Dinner & Party: Let the Games Begin

Sunday June 12 | 7:30pm - 9:30pm

Let the tastes and sounds of Old Havana enchant you during our kick-off dinner with open bar as our host property, the Loews, transforms into the Cuban capital. You’ll be treated to an explosion of flavors from the Caribbean for our dinner while enjoying some spirited Latin beats, captivating dancers, sweet cocktails (did we mention open bar?), and maybe even a stogie in the company of your industry peers. This is also where we’ll break into the teams you’ll work with for the duration of the retreat’s events, including our interactive roundtables and Beach Olympics. Bring your appetite, and Fedoras are always highly encouraged.

After-Hours Bar Hop (on Collins)

Sunday June 12 | 9:30pm

Calling all night owls: you didn’t come to Miami to sleep, right? Whether you want to enjoy a few drinks or check out the local scene with your industry peers, keep Sunday and Tuesday nights going with our informal, choose-your-own-adventure suggestions for hot spots close to the Loews. Stay a while or move with the group, it’s your choice, your dime, and totally optional. (And we won’t judge if you just want to call it a night, either.)

Tour of Wynwood Walls (Graffiti Art Museum)

Monday June 13 | 3:30pm - 5:45pm

Jonesing to explore Miami outside of the traditional beach attractions? We’ve got you covered with our optional tour to the iconic Wynwood Walls, a mostly outdoor collective of fascinating and thought-provoking murals from dozens of the world’s most acclaimed graffiti artists. But this isn’t your typical art museum: Wynwood Walls is all about the selfie, so snap away and be sure to post to your social. This is a unique experience not to be missed.

Dinner & Open Bar on the Venetian Lady Yacht

Monday June 13 | 8:00pm - 11:00pm

An evening favorite returns! This time, we head to the crystal waters of Biscayne Bay, separating the cities of Miami and Miami Beach, for our Monday night private dinner cruise aboard the Venetian Lady. After a luscious dinner, linger on one of three decks for unforgettable views of the Miami skyline while sipping on cocktails (from our open bar) under the moonlight. We’ll have music, warm breezes, and, of course, the company of industry friends.


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